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Tisch for Food, Education and Policy. Food was front and center at TC on Valentine's Day, as the College hosted a major conference on food research, policy and practice and announced its new Laurie M. Tisch for Food, Education and Policy. Isobel Contento, TC's Mary Swartz Rose Professor of Nutrition Education, appeared on WABC TV news on Wednesday to discuss the pros and cons of Whole Foods' impending arrival on 125th Street. This Monday, October 24th, is Food Day, and the College's Nutrition Education program will be conducting interactive activities on campus that are open to the entire TC community and neighborhood schools. The activities are based on a special Food Day School Curriculum, developed by TC nutrition education faculty, that has been posted online for teachers nationwide to use in their classrooms. TC honored members of its John Dewey Circle in September with a reception the Lobby Atrium of the offices of Tishman Speyer Properties at Rockefeller Plaza. Teachers College has received a three year $1. 497 million grant from the U. S. Department of Agriculture USDA to develop a science education and nutrition curriculum and evaluate its effectiveness in preventing obesity in some 2,000 low income, predominantly minority fifth graders at 20 New York City public schools.

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In 1998, when Coe and a group of his close associates made a whirlwind trip through the former republics of the Soviet Union, meeting with leaders introduced by friends in the international network, Gusinsky provided a 727 with a full crew to transport them. It is impossible, ultimately, to know the motivation of someone like Gusinsky, who comes from a political culture in which proximity to power is everything. The Fellowship meant entre to a rarefied circle, and the prospect of shaking hands with a President. Theres this whole Washington phenomenon, related to access to power and the aphrodisiac of power, Michael Cromartie, of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, says. You bring an oligarch over to the Cedars and he says, Ah, these are my kind of people. They have pictures on the wall of all these Presidents, they seem to be in touch with power, they know people with money, this will help my business. If international dignitaries view the Prayer Breakfast as a reliable means of unofficial access, some Presidentsmost notably, Bill Clintonhave been more accommodating than others. Bill and Hillary got it, says Doug Burleigh, who is Coes son in law, and a key figure in the Fellowship. They came early, theyd meet with the groups early and do a photo op with em, hug em. They got what this was about. George W.

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