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In this next Machine age humans will be left serving the Machines , 3D printers and monitoring the distributed manufacturing facilities. Deep intelligence networks autonomously can start a war or robots can kill people if not programmed properly. Nations and their policy for human development needs to have a vision 2050 and beyond , right now to prepare our younger generation with their bodies implanted with sensors and other electronics that control their feelings and habits for co existence with Intelligent machines which are capable to compete and win better over humans in terms of work , logic and processing power. Roughly around 50% to 60% of planets population becomes available to do something drastically different than what we do presently by year 2050May be earlier too. This mammoth population will have nothing much to do except eat and have fun when smart machines are doing everything that kept present generations busy with work, family life and social engagements. In spite of living in the most advanced societies mankind will still need to deal with basic human emotions of greed, ego, desires, consciousness, primal instinct of survival, hate etc whether it is today or it is year 2050 and beyond.

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Preoccupation ultimately hits the person working on it. How does the student go through the process of selection and deletion?What are the factors and areas of consideration involved in the selection of a term paper topic?Is it a matter of materials availability or a matter of practical comfortable choice of wanting to write a particular paper?During the selection process, the student must understand the assignment thoroughly to be able to determine which term paper topic to write on and proceeds formulating the guidelines or planning the outline. Manipulating the flow of discussion and giving citations to support the claim is very important in considering source materials and research. The availability of the quantitative data or group by which a survey must be performed shall be ascertained first to know the feasibility of the paper. How does one come up with an original, unique term paper topic?Success for higher grades is bound to happen when a student is able to present a rare, original and very informative term paper. Does rarity really mean turning the earth upside down in search for originality?The answer is simply no. Consider the word innovation. A lot of things need innovation because of the state of being over used and the thought of being outdone by the evolution of technology. The life of modern society is constantly in need of new ideas from the old established ones. The adaptation of the old idea and shaping concepts out of the innovations made from it is mostly acceptable by society especially when the term paper topic involves marketing and product packaging which makes it easier to demonstrate and gives the consumer little room on any adjustment to the change. The term paper topic and the thesis presentation must follow the order of continuity.

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In this situation, the same recipe will help as in thecompilation of theses based on materials of another author given in thepenultimate paragraph of the Introduction. The mostcommon situation of the second type is when first writing theses, which theauthor eventually expands to the size of the article. This is precisely whatthe authors of the theses of reports submitted to scientific conferences do. In scientific studies, this is a normal situation. First comes the idea that you want to write. The record will be brief, sincethere is nothing to write besides it. Then I want to make this idea public and the author sits down to write theses, which he then sends to theconference. In order to make the idea understandable to the reader, it isnecessary to argue it, introduce the reader to the problem, state other aspectsof the work. The initial description of all these aspects is as short as the descriptionof the idea itself. All text fits on 1 2 pages theses are ready. Abstractsof the report, article or other bulk usually text material a set ofindividual provisions, logically related to each other. In this case, it is oftenassumed that their proof takes place in the text of the main volumetricpublication. The thesesof scientific works reports, presentations, articles, etc. , belong to thesecond type. In this case, it is assumed that the author knows the questionwell and its main task is a brief and succinct expression of this question inwriting. The latter is not always easy and quick to do, but after completingthe writing of the theses it turns out that the understanding of the describedquestion or material has become deeper, new ideas often appear, it becomeseasier to explain the essence of your work to others. This manual is dedicatedto alleviating this task. The maindifference between theses and other scientific texts is a small volume 12printed pages, in which it is necessary to present all the main ideas of thereport article. It is by the quality of theses that readers will judge theentire work as a whole, and decide on the need to get acquainted with thematerial in full. Unsuccessfullywritten abstracts can scare the reader away from interesting scientific work. Conversely, a well written abstract of the thesis draws attention to both thescientific material and the speaker. Of course, in many respects the quality ofthe theses is determined by the real scientific content of the work, but it caneither be spoiled or profitably presented. At present, the practice iswidespread that, following the consideration of theses of a report, theorganizing committee of an international conference not only decides to includethe relevant report in the conference program, but often also pays for theparticipation of the author in whole or in part because of the highsignificance of his. In thefirst case, the author of the theses is not familiar with the material inadvance and must carefully study it. Therefore, after a preliminary reading,the text is read again. At the same time break the text into a number ofpassages.

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