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Observed effects include weakening of the immune system thereby resulting in increased colds, flu and infections, birth defects, genetic damage, accelerated aging of certain body organs, increased neurological damage to the elderly and serious harm to wildlife. This report shows how the public is being misled by this very dangerous pesticide. HYPERLINK Child Vaccination Health ProblemsWhile the medical community touts vaccinations as being important for child health, the research shows this is not necessarily the case and the risks appear far greater than the benefits. HYPERLINK Rejected for PublicationWhen quality articles and letters are submitted to newspapers, journals or scientific magazines for publication, yet rejected for no apparent reason, attention needs to be brought to this problem. As corporate industry gains more influence over mainstream media from magazines to newspapers, there is a gradual silencing of voices from scientists and thinkers who do not agree with their desired point of view. HYPERLINK Child Cancer and Relationship to Modern ChemicalsEvidence demonstrating how chemical exposures occurring in and around the home can greatly increase the risk of brain cancer, neuroblastoma and leukemia.

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READING PASSAGE 3. com Collins Reading for IELTS. Read an exclusive excerpt from Jesse Q Sutanto s family comedy meets crime thriller Dial A for Aunties now. Science plays an increasingly significant role in people s lives making the faithful communication of scientific developments more important than ever. Each year over 1. There are several ways to calculate reading levels.

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