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Subject tests involve questions concerning the specific area of study the student is testing for. The LSAT is a required test by all law schools endorsed by the American Bar Association. The LSAT tests for ability rather than knowledge, because it is marking those who are ready for the immediacy of law school. The LSAT consists of four sections: reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and two logical reasoning sections. The test takes half a day to complete with scores ranging from 120 to 180. The national average is about 152. It is offered only four times a year. The MCAT is taken by students interested in applying to medical schools. The test consists of four sections: physical sciences, biological sciences, verbal reasoning, and writing. The MCAT is an all day test with breaks throughout. Test scores differ from section to section. The first three multiple choice tests range from 1 to 15 and the writing samples range from J through T. The highest score possible would be a 45t, although a 30P is considered relatively competitive. This test is offered only twice a year during April and August. The GMAT is taken by students interested in applying for a graduate business management programs e. g. backing up or stopped. Many vehicles on the road today are provided with built in blinker lights which are connected to the lights in the motor vehicle and cause them to blink on and off to warn of a hazardous condition. However the blinker lights are usually separately controlled by a switch so that if the motorist is backing up he must remember to operate the hazard light switch However, the driver often forgets to do this because a possible hazard does not appear at the moment the vehicle is backing up. In the present invention, auxiliary signal lights which are detachably connected to the light system of motor vehicle are actuated by switches which close or open when the accelerator or brake pedals of the vehicle are pressed or released from pressure. Since the signal lights are detachable they can be mounted on the back of rental trailers or mounted on existing vehicles.

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