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This correlation seems obvious when you consider that those who earn more money have greater access to health care and healthier food options. But what you may not have considered is that higher education means the ability and desire to make better choices when it comes to habits eating and otherwise. For example, those with extended educations are less likely to smoke and more likely to exercise. When you put greater emphasis on taking care of your mind with additional schooling, you naturally put greater emphasis on taking care of your body, too. It's truly as simple as when you know better, you do better. While we're on the subject of bettering ourselves, one common reason people seek higher education is to get out of a dead end job.

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The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Cond Nast. Ad ChoicesAs you are probably aware, the whole system in Thailand of teacher work permits, teacher licenses and the visas that go with your work permit often mistakenly called a 'work visa' is very complex. So it's always good to hear things from a teacher who has very recently gone through the process. The majority of the text and information below comes from Teacher Mike, and any extra comments in bold type are from ajarn. com. This blog has been reproduced with the very kind permission of Mike, a teacher in South Thailand. Mike runs an excellent website called 'Southern Thai Expat' which contains many blogs based around the daily life of an expat living and working in Thailand. Please pay Mike's website a visit and show him your support This is a two part blog which demonstrates the typical process of applying for and renewing a work permit and visa if you are a teacher in Thailand. Those who live in and work in the kingdom of Thailand know that whether they like it or not, once a year they will be required to renew their documentation to remain in the country for another year. This has always been a contentious issue for a large number of long term expats who feel aggrieved that they have to effectively ask permission to remain in the country each year with no consideration or reward given for their investment in the country. There are a number of different visas that foreigners can obtain to remain in Thailand. The vast majority of the foreigners you will see here will be in possession of tourist visas or visa exemption stamps, these give them permission to remain for a limited time for the sole purposes of travel. It is however not uncommon for teachers to work on these tourist visas, particularly if they perhaps don't have the required qualifications to obtain a work permit. Ajarn. com says Mike originally wrote this information in March 2014. Since then, there have been significant changes in Thai immigration law. From mid August 2014, Thai immigration will be clamping down on teachers well, anyone really using tourist visas to constantly leave and re enter the country in order to work illegally for an extended period. One tourist visa is OK but you may face problems being let back into the country with a second tourist visa. In a nutshell, if you are using back to back tourist visas, you need to prove to the immigration officer that you are indeed a tourist. Long term residents of Thailand normally have possession of a 'non immigrant visa'. These are split into a number of categories but the most common are 'non o' marriage and 'non b' working. I myself am not married and work in a local government school on a non immigrant b visa. When you first sign your contract with the school you will be issued with the documentation to obtain a non immigrant b visa. In order to get this visa stamped into your passport you will need to apply at either an embassy or a consulate outside of Thailand. The vast majority of people in the south of Thailand choose to do this at the consulate in Penang, Malaysia and the whole process can be completed in a just a few days. I actually had my documentation sent to my home in England before I came to Thailand and I received my visa from the Thai consulate in Hull.

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