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As a result, some Democrats have been calling for free tuition for all and forgiveness of student debt. Thats an extreme response and doesnt represent a solution. Such an approach actually will cause more problems than it solves. For starters, it rewards those who didnt plan ahead as they should and punishes those who responsibly planned for ways to pay for a college education. Instead of making it free, the country should try a collaborative approach. Theres no doubt, the nation needs postsecondary graduates, but the key is to find ways to accomplish that goal without putting government more in control.

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Not quite as low as you calculated but not much more than minimum. I am waiting to see how the numbers equate for me, since I took a $18k loan for a new car to fulfill Houstons new TNC regulations. My calculations DO have the IRS standard deduction deducted from the net. My taxable net is what I reported in the article. If one is lucky, their actual expenses are not as high as that deduction but for many they are. Jen, I did started at UBER a month ago, I do like part time after 6pm ad sundays, and I was thinking quick my full time job, but after I read this forget it.

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