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Financial Problems Older women, however, face a major handicap after divorce. They are plagued with financial problems. In the pre divorce period much of their financial needs were met by their husband. Divorce changes the picture. Trapped by aid program rules To understand why Crawford , mentioned above, faced such a wrenching decision, you need to understand some background: Medicare, the government insurance program for people 65 and over, doesn't cover long nursing home stays. But Medicaid, the federal health program for the poor that does cover such care, generally requires people to exhaust their financialresources before they can qualify for help. Elders who face the potentially devastating cost of nursing home care frequently look for assistance with Medicaid planningthe process by which assets may be sheltered in order to qualify for Medicaid assistance. When a married person applies for nursing home based Medicaid assistance, the assets of both husband and wife are considered resources. This is true regardless of how the assets are titled and regardless of whether there is a valid ante nuptial agreement in place. Unless they are both in the nursing home in which case they are each treated individually. Accordingly, a divorce can be one method of Medicaid planningbut rarely the best.

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Students should be encouraged to take challenges posed by global philanthropic organizations such as Bill and Melinda gates foundation , Hult prize and wrote an article chance favours the connected Mind to elaborate on how technology is reshaping what we learn and how we learn. click here to know more ccess: Colleges lack modern class rooms with fast internet connections, practical labs and other teaching aids. This is again due to the wrong priorities of the colleges to divert funds to other areas which wont help in bringing quality education and skills to students. Even traditional libraries are not attracting enough students to reading because they are not treating that as priority and just act as record keepers of books. Today the need of the hour is more practical labs and less class rooms. Traditional Class rooms should be replaced with Online teaching and online lecture videos. Colleges also bring some eminent scholars for seminars or meetings but it just concludes within that day and follow up on the seminars outcomes are rarely followed subsequently by staff and students. Most of the managements are more interested in media news of the activities on the next day. That is the only follow up I keep seeing. Students on their part seriously lack interest in reading and attending Seminars. They should develop reading and listening habits to learn new skills. They should realize that reading good books, listening to a professional is time well spent. Students should network with the professionals that come to college for subsequent relationship buildings and getting to know what industry is expecting from them. Social: Parents and society is influencing colleges/school to a large extent in shaping how these colleges/schools function. In schooling parents are expecting their kids to get the best marks rather than worrying what their siblings are learning. Most of the parents dont care whether their siblings are having physical exercises, knowing the importance of yoga and meditation and getting the right knowledge and skills to succeed in life and career. At college levels most of the parents are forcing their kids to join what they think is right for the students instead of knowing the interests of their kids. First Parents, tutors should learn the trends that are happening in Industry and in particular how education is changing due to MOOC. Parents and all concerned authorities, business leaders should closely work with colleges and help/force colleges to deliver what they are supposed to. Colleges on their part should work closely with Industry and constantly upgrade the syllabus to meet the modern corporate requirements. Equal importance should be given for sports, Yoga and Meditation because this are more important in todays corporate lifestyle for a balanced, healthy life. Students on their part should realize that they should give equal importance to learning and acquiring new skills to take on the challenges of modern industries. They should realize that they are not only shaping their destiny but the overall destiny of the country and the quality of living standards of society. The whole world is becoming competitive and many are looking at India because we the only nation with maximum young population with average age of 26 years. Here are some links related to our state of education in India. The most uncommon Sense of changing dynamics of education and skills enhancement to meet modern industry requirements, needs lot of attention but the challenge to eliminate Common Nonsense of todays educational institutes and students attitudes towards learning is a big challenge and im hoping to hear from you what we can do together.

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