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The chart below shows the percentage of households in owned and rented nbsp General Writing Sample Task 1 13. In the task 1 for general training writing you have to write a letter. The table below summarizes the two types of IELTS writing tests. A variety of authentic reading texts cover the range of text types found in the actual exam. IELTS Writing Task 1 Map of a City Hospital IELTS Cambridge 13 The two maps below show road access to a city hospital in 2007 and in 2010. General tips for writing.

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Grammar Revision Exercise 4. This is section 3 of the general reading test. Each passage consists of 5 to 10 questions approximately. D 24. Our commitment to providing exams of the highest abilities. This story is mostly about Mia A working on a project at home B choosing a new art project C winning an art contest D completing a painting Directions Read the passage. You will listen to four recordings which are a mix of monologues and conversations from a range of native speakers and you will only hear each recording once. 10 6. Practise your English and get ready for your Cambridge English exam. Grammar Practice Quiz 10. 9.

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Its also good to start a conversation even if the person isnt showing signs of needing support sometimes people may be hiding their feelings or may not have realised they are feeling stressed or anxious. Any time is the right time to check in with those around us. Tips for asking are you okay?Here are four simple steps you can follow to reach out to a member of your team and have a supportive conversation: 1. ApproachConsider the steps in approaching the conversation. Ask: A lot has been happening in your area lately how are you doing? How are you feeling about all the changes at the moment?2. Listen and UnderstandActively listen and show empathy and understanding. You may not be able to solve their problems, but just being there to listen can make a difference. Ask: How are things going for you right now?It sounds like a really tough time. Take your time I know it may be quite difficult for you to talk about. So, if I have heard correctly, these are some of the things you have been dealing with3. Explore OptionsConsider a range of potential support avenues. Ask: Is there anything I can do as a friend/colleague to support you? Have you ever felt like this before?What helped you through then?Managers can also ask: what would make it easier for you to do your work?Lets talk about those options together to make some plans that support you. 4. Check for SupportCheck on personal support and encourage another conversation. Ask: What support do you currently have in place to help you manage?Do you know where to find extra support? If you need to talk, Im here. Would you like to catch up for a virtual coffee?How about we check in again next week?On RUOK?Day, we shared tips to help you have conversations that support wellbeing through a student presentation that is available to view on Compass.

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