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Dynamic pricing is for example an everyday tool used by airlines, hotels and trains. Taxis could innovate and experiment with new pricing schemes to defend the more profitable long distance services more against Uber. Taxis could stand the ground even more on the situations where customers want taxis from the street, by using dynamic advertisements on taxis. Taxis should differentiate by emphasizing their superior service in terms of the driver experience. In Hungary for example, taxis are required to pass advanced driving competence tests, that normal Uber drivers typically dontt have. Also, taxi drivers are much more experienced and can coordinate better and thus can pick routes better and serve customers quicker or cheaper.

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Obiang, who came to power in 1979 by leading a coup that resulted in the execution of his tyrannical uncle, has been called the worst dictator in Africa. When a State Department official asked why the Fellowship would be inviting such a tyrant to a prayer breakfast, Coe says, the answer was Thats why we invited him. In the event, Obiang did come to the breakfast, but little in his record suggests that his association with the Fellowship has moderated his authoritarian style. Holding others accountable for their actions is a tenet of Christian duty as old as the Church, but Coe says that he does not judge. Jesus even met with the Devil, he said. Members of the group concede that some people may seek their fellowship for reasons other than a wish to grow in Jesus. In the early nineteen nineties, a Russian media entrepreneur named Vladimir Gusinsky, whod had a falling out with Vladimir Putin, was looking West for new opportunities. He hired the public relations firm APCO, which specializes in crisis management, to help introduce him in the United States. One of the APCO executives handling Gusinsky was Don Bonker, the former Democratic congressman, and an established figure within the Fellowship. Bonker brought Gusinsky, a secular Jew, to the Cedars to meet Doug Coe. We emerged from that meeting, and we were walking to the limo, and Gusinsky stopped me, Bonker recalls.

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348 349; Independent Variables and Dependent Variables. Karl L. Wuensch, Department of Psychology, East Carolina University ; Variables. Elements of Research. Dr. Camille Nebeker, San Diego State University. In Autumn 2020, DOAJ will be relaunching with a new website with updated functionality, improved search, and a simplified application form. More information is available on our blog. Our API is also changing. The paper presents empirical data supporting the hypothesis that the systematic and guided use of academic writing prompts is a successful instructional strategy to improve the academic writing in Spanish of college students, mainly during their first semesters. A combined methodology, with pre and post tests, was used in this research project conducted from July 2009 to June 2010. The participants were freshmen students of different disciplines of the Human Sciences in a private university in Bogota, Colombia. The aim of this research project was twofold. First, it sought to identify the difficulties students faced in the writing process of academic texts when they are related to real communicative contexts. Second, it involved the design and application of the guided and systematic use of writing prompts for academic writing in a sequence called "The Cognitive Pedagogical Model of Writing for Higher Education". The results show empirical evidence supporting the use of writing prompts designed with specific academic purposes to improve the academic writing level of college students in their first stages of study. However, further research is needed to consolidate the results presented here. The success of the first edition of Academic Writing for Graduate Students can be attributed to the fact that it filled a particular niche: the need for a book on L2 writing in English in university settings that actually took language seriously. This second edition builds on the first, in that it maintains the useful focus on discourse and genre, exploring the types of organization and characteristic functions found in academic texts. But within these parameters, the book has also been thoroughly revised, the range of sample texts has been updated and broadened in scope, and ongoing changes in the nature of academic writing for graduate students have been taken into account. I shall begin this review by outlining the aims and contents of this new edition of the book, then move on to an evaluation against the broad panorama of L2 writing research. Academic Writing for Graduate Students is targeted at students whose first language is not English, and who need to write academic papers of various kinds in English as part of their post graduate studies. In this, it is evidently directed first and foremost towards students such as those whom Swales and Feak themselves teach at the University of Michigan, but is also useful to those of us working on English medium or bilingual postgraduate programs in the European context. The book is divided into eight units, the first three of which are essentially preparatory, focusing on basic academic style, general specific and problem process solution texts. The next three units are more specific, dealing with data commentary, summaries and critiques. The last two units of the book demonstrate how these different text types knit together into the full length research paper, and as such are particularly useful.

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