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In New Jersey, the goal of probation is to promote the reintegration of offenders into the community, while encouraging a responsible, law abiding lifestyle for such a person New Jersey Courts, 2013. In total, probation officers are responsible for more than 70,000 adults and 13,000 juveniles. Supervision services are offered for adult and juvenile offenders. Adult probationers have the opportunity to serve their sentence in the community under the supervision of a probation officer as alternative to sentencing and incarceration. For these offenders, probation officers have a duty to oversee imposed counseling for issues like substance abuse or family problems, as well as any community service to be carried out. The probation officer is also responsible for collecting fines or Strategic Analysis NYC Parole DepartmentSTATEGIC ANALYSIS OF THE NYC DEPATMENT OF PAOLEExternal and Internal Environment's AnalysisInternal Environment AnalysisSWOT Analysis MatrixStrategic issues in NYC department of paroleFormulate strategies to manage the issuesThe strengths and weaknesses of the NYC department of parole are analyzed through external and internal environments. The analysis of the forces, factors, and components that affect the performance of the organizations are elaborated in the sections below. The strategy of the organizations provides a detailed understanding of its mission and goals. It is observed that the parole release is not achieving its desired results due to the lack of resources and technical issues. The system also provides room for the usage of discretionary powers in grant of parole release. The uniform regulations and integration of the community can reduce the burden on prisons and also encourage prisoners to live a productive life. parole and probation encompass the re integration of convicted criminals within their communities in a supervised, controlled, and humane manner. On their web site, the American Probation and Parole Organization describes probation and parole as "twins," as both programs encourage rehabilitation of offenders and are viable alternatives to imprisonment. Because American prisons are already dangerously overcrowded and increasingly more expensive to run, parole and probation offer financially feasible, effective, and humanitarian options for incarceration. Promoting parole and probation over incarceration is cost effective and reduces taxpayer responsibility for funding prisons. These programs also increase the efficiency of the already overly burdened criminal justice system by involving community based and private agencies in the rehabilitation of criminals. In spite of the "tough on crime" climate in America, parole and probation offer a means to prevent crime and promote public safety. Both parole and probation entail court supervision for convicted criminals who are reintegrated within their Mandatory vs. Discretionary Prison ReleaseBy getting rid of parole boards in favor of mandatory sentences has this policy tended to reduce crime?For the sixteen states that have abolished parole boards in favor of mandatory sentencing has the rate of recidivism declined?Those are two of the questions approached in this paper; this paper notes that when parole boards are eliminated prisoners have no incentive to try and better themselves so they can be released earlier. Thesis: getting rid of parole boards does little if anything to reduce recidivism, and in fact there is evidence that the parole system is more effective in reducing repeat criminality. Is Discretionary Release a Better System than Mandatory Release?According to journalist Fox Butterfield writing in The New York Times, in 1999 several states that had eliminated parole boards "reinstituted" them because their prisons became overcrowded to the point that these Ladow. Similar boards were provisioned for federal prisons not in the penitentiary category. Each prison was also provided with a parole officer to supervise parolees during their community corrections phase. Inmates became eligible for parole after serving a third of their total sentence by 1915 this was expanded to mean fifteen years for inmates serving life sentences contingent on the decisions and good graces of the local parole board. The system served well to mitigate the very problems addressed by judicial suspension of sentences, but suffered from an overall lack of standardization stemming from the fact that multiple, independent boards existed and did not attempt to synchronize their decisions. In 1930, the oard of Parole was created by congressional legislation to become the sole arbiter of parole decisions across the entire federal system. The oard consisted of three members appointed by the Attorney General to serve indefinitely, and New York State Department of Parole or the Department of Corrections is an agency of the state responsible for the supervision and management of criminals convicted of a crime, felony level or higher. The Department of Corrections was put in place to provide protection for the community by operating and managing safe, secure facilities that keep offenders under control as well as allow them fair treatment during time served. The main objective of the agency is to minimize the risk of criminal behavior through a partnership consisting of communities, a continuum of community supervision, incarceration, sanctions and services to deal with criminal or unlawful behavior. The core values existing within the sequence of probation, prison, and parole is the foundation that the least antagonistic adjustment be used to monitor offender behavior, all while adhering to public safety rules and regulations. What does it truly encompass to be paroled in America? Probation and parole officers are sometimes mandated with the task of advising and helping the released criminals as they re integrate into the society.

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